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Billing Time

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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This SIMPLE iPhone/ iPod Touch application is great for anyone who needs to bill a client by the hour and has trouble keeping track or their billed time.

After launching the application and when you are ready to begin your job, tap on the "Start" button. During the job, you are free to switch to another app or make telephone calls. When you are ready to end the job, simply return to the Billing Time application and tap on the "Stop" button. The application displays the start and stop sate and time with the total hourly time. At any time you can input the job name.

When you are ready you can e-mail from the Billing Time application. The e-mail will display the job name, start date/time, end date/time, and the total hours. Simply finish filling out the e-mail by including any other information you want to include and send it when you are finished.

This app only stores data for the current job and does not store data across multiple jobs. You can keep track of multiple jobs by using the e-mail feature after each day/time duration. Then reset and start billing for a different job and repeat the process. At this point you will have e-mailed yourself after each job. You can then use the individual e-mails to create your invoices using your invoice software of choice. I use Quickbooks.

If you are like me I typically round to my client's benefit because I didn't keep good time records when performing billed labor. When this happens I am leaving lost revenue on the table. After using this app you should recoup the initial cost on the very first service call and hopefully if you are like me this app will earn you back that cost many times over. The first time I used it I made $6 more than without using this app because I would have rounded to my clients favor.

How often can you say this app paid for itself and makes you more money?!