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China Rare Compass With Rosewood Box

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This compass can rapidly display all directions. The whole process is fully automatic, and there is no need of manual adjustment. It is very simple and convenient to use, and a jackaroo with no experience also knows how to use it. In addition, it can be installed on the mobile phone, which is easy to save and carry around.

If you have no idea about the ancient traditional compass, this full-automatic electronic compass can make it a piece of cake for you to find the direction.

From my practical experience as a professor, I have noticed that people at their early days of studying feng shui always run into some technical hindrance in measuring the direction, which often influences their learning progress, and for which some of them even lose the confidence in keeping on their study.

If with proper auxiliary means, those hindrances that frequently bother beginners are bound to be readily solved.

This compass has nine unique characteristics:
1.Full-automatic display of all directions, and full-automatic process with convenience and rapidness.

2.Easy to use. Even a total freshman can operate freely with no need to learn in advance.

3.For traditional compasses, users have to manually adjust the degree before use. However, this automatic compass does not need any manual adjustment, which avoids manual error and parallax error. It is appropriate for fresh hands of feng shui.

4.For traditional compasses, users have to judge the north and south on their own. However, this automatic compass can operate fully automatically, which can avoid wrong judgment made by freshmen and increase the confidence of beginners in studying feng shui.

5.The unique design of “spirit level” is helpful for users to measure the direction more easily and precisely.

6.The inward arrangement of “Sixty-four Hexagrams” characters is easy for users to read data.

7.The introduction of “24 cardinal directions” in Chinese is convenient for professionals to check.

8.It can be installed on the mobile phone, which is much more convenient to carry around or save compared with traditional compass. Improve the fortune.

9.Putting the compass with its face towards the evil direction can help defuse the evil influence. With excellent quality and efficiency, it is more stable and precise than the compasses common in the market. With unique and noble shape, it is decent for self use or as a gift for friends and relatives.