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Verbos - Spanish Verb Trainer

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Every Spanish verb has 89 forms that a student of Spanish has to learn. The best way to become expert at using the many forms of a verb in Spanish is to drill yourself on them, over and over and over. Verbos gives you the tool to do just that.

Verbos allows you quickly drill yourself on Spanish verbs. You tell Verbos what tense or tenses you'd like to practice; Verbos choses a verb randomly and displays the infinitive, the tense and the pronoun for a person/number (for example, third-person singular, or first-person plural). You can then say the answer, either to yourself or aloud. Touch the screen and the correct answer appears. Touch the screen again and a new verb/tense/pronoun appears.

- NEW! Test yourself. See your improvement! Verbos has three types of tests: timed, number of verbs, and a combination of both. you can selected how long you want the test or how many verbs you want the test to quiz you on.

When the test is done, you'll see your score. You can save the test results, and see a history of all saved tests - clear proof that you're learning!

- Verbos has every verb form for over 500 verbs, including those in Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs. If you want certain verbs, email me and I'll add them to the database.

- Select any tense or any combination of tenses. You can select one tense, all 15 tenses, or any number in between.

- Select any type of verb: regular verbs, irregular verbs, verbs that change spelling to maintain a sound, verbs that change their stem, or reflexive verbs. Again, you can choose any verb type or any combination of verb types.

- Select any verb ending or combination. Spanish verbs fall into three categories: those with infinitives that end in -ar, those that end in -er, and those that end in -ir. You can select which category, or which categories, you want to focus on.

- Create and save any number of verb lists. This allows you to study a small set of verbs as a unit. When you use a verb list, only the verbs from that list will be used for quizzing.

- See a verb's complete conjugation.

- See a sample conjugation, in English, showing how each tense is used.

Your Verbtrainer includes a small Help file. If you'd like to see a more complete "How-To" document, go to and click on the User Manual link in the left column.

You can contact the developer at

Responses to Reviewer comments:
- The newer versions of Verbos allow you to create as many lists, with as many verbs as you want on each list. You are not limited to drilling on just one verb or choosing from all verbs.

- New versions also allow the user to quickly see the full conjugation of a verb, either from the Quiz View or the Options menu.

- Errors in conjugations and translations are corrected as quickly as possible. I encourage Verbos users to contact me if you find errors ( Verbos has a way to quickly send me an email). All errors noted in the Reviews or from users via email have been corrected.

Notes about reviews: several reviewers have noted that there is no way to contact me. This is simply not true. The customer support email address ( is on the App Store page, on the website, and in the app itself. I answer every email I receive. Please, if you have a problem or suggestion, contact me!