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Splashdown, Apollo Command Module, 3-D (for Amber/Blue glasses)

iPhone / iPad
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Note: Splashdown plays fine without the glasses but they do add a cool 3D visual.

Now with Scoreloop! play challenges with friends or anyone to win coins and medallions. Follow the action at

You've landed on the moon, docked with the CSM and now you're coming home.
The guidance computer is acting up and all you can rely on is that the Pitch indicator is still functioning properly.
This isn't an action game, it requires a steady hand at the tilt controls and patience. Your trajectory intersect point is the red/white cross.
For the full effect, cue up The Blue Danube (available on iTunes) or one of your other favorite space tunes, put on your Amber/Blue super-bowl glasses and try to imagine the guts it took to take that ride.

The capsule automatically moves from left to right across the screen, you can control its vertical position by tilting forward or back. The onboard computer is overloaded and the only functional indicator light is the Pitch, you need to keep it green by tilting left or right to rotate the capsule. You are trying to set a trajectory to splashdown as close as possible to the little red/white cross while maintaining a green pitch indicator.

* This version is for Amber/Blue (Super Bowl Glasses)

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