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Atomika - God is Red Issue 1

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od is Red is set in an alternate universe. Atomika is the God of the twentieth century. The story begins in the Soviet Union in 1934. All religion has been deemed counter productive to the state and outlawed. Technology has become god.

Mother Russia's son is called Atomika. His father is the iron within the earth. The iron that man has used to forge his technology and become the dominant species.

With America (Liberty) conquered, Russia has tapped the earth's core to become the center of the planet's only existing source of energy. The sky is dead and the violence of the sun has been tamed by Atomika. Much of the planet has become an industrial wasteland. The planet has evolved into a machine feeding the furnaces of its industry.

This is the world of Atomika.

A brief synopsis of the twelve issue God Is Red story arc:

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Issue 1
In an alternate past, where the Revolution has become the State, Liberty has been destroyed and the gods walk the Earth, a new power is rising. Forged in the bowels of the planet, Atomika is the first man-made deity, the God of Technology and the 21st Century. Now, he must hunt down and kill the ancient gods who have ruled since the dawn of time, a quest that will change the fate of humanity, and shake the world. Created and penciled by Sal Abbinanti (inks by Buzz), written by Andrew Dabb (Ghostbusters, Megacity909), and featuring a cover by superstar painter Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels), Atomika is a ground breaking story of men, supermen and the forces that shape our reality.

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