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Tallies - A Tally Counter and Event Logger

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Tallies is the tally counter app that does double duty as an event logger, breaking from the pack by saving a complete history of all your tallies. It records both when and how much each tally's count is changed for easy comparison and evaluation. You can even start a tally over from the beginning without losing your old records!

Simple and beautiful, yet flexible and powerful, Tallies has the features you need so that you never lose count of anything again. People are using Tallies to track daily medications, stockroom inventory, pet feedings, temperature changes and more. Some are even using it to manage roasting coffee beans!

"***** - I think this application is so complete that it would be hard to suggest anything it doesn’t have or going to have. This application is essentially a virtual chalkboard which I think is the perfect way of presenting such an app" -

See Tallies in action for yourself in two new videos at

Tallies can count up or down between starting and ending amounts that you choose. You can set the counting increment to whatever you need (decimal numbers are OK!) and can change it whenever you want.

Tallies also has robust history support. Feel like changing the past? Go for it. Undo that last tally mark right away, or erase even older marks from history with a swipe of your finger.

You also don't have to lose a tally's count just because you want to start again from the beginning. Tallies lets you file sessions away for safekeeping. When you file a tally's session, its current count is reset, but its old marks are saved to the History tab for future reference.

And don't worry, tally sessions don't end when you close the application. You're the boss. Nothing is erased until you say so.

Because Tallies is built on a powerful database, there's plenty in store for the future. If there's anything you'd like to see it do, just drop me a line and let's talk!

Feature Summary:

* Records a complete history of marks made to each tally, not just its current total.

* You can start a tally over without erasing its history, if you want. Just tap the file folder icon. Great for keeping a daily log!

* A tally's beginning and ending points can be changed at any time; its total will reflect that change right away.

* Easily change the amounts for future marks to a tally as much as you like.

* Decimal numbers are supported via ATM-style number entry.

* Easily add, reorder, delete or jump right to a tally in the Organize tab.

* Chalkboard-themed sounds provide audio feedback. (You can turn them off in the Settings application.)

* Comes with a few sample tallies pre-installed to get you started. (Feel free to edit or delete them as you see fit!)

* Along with its name, tallies can be assigned units for its mark amounts. For example, you might give an "Aspirin" tally units like "tablets" or "milligrams".

* Set an ending for a tally to avoid going past a limit.

Pro Tips:

* Edit a tally's properties by tapping on the little "i-inside-a-circle" icon in the upper right corner of its chalkboard. Tap the icon again to flip back to the regular tally view.

* Mark a tally with a one-time amount by tapping and holding the mark button for about a second.

* Quickly erase all of the marks for a tally's current session by tapping and holding the undo icon for about a second.

* Tallies alerts you if you try to configure a tally in a way that would make it unusable. You can turn these warnings off in the Settings application.