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********** CaizerWeb, The Ultimate Web Experience! **********

* CaizerWeb is fully compatible with iPhone OS 3.0
* version 1.1 is being reviewed by Apple.

With The Fastest Quick Tab Browsing, Special Animation Effects, Full Browsing Mode, 2 Different ways of showing tool bars, Bookmarks supporting Folders, Tabs List View... and so on.

CaizerWeb is the web browser you have been looking for. It will give you totally different experience compared to any other web browsers in iPhone OS.

1. The Fastest Quick Tab Browsing
Touch the 'New Tab' button, it just opens up a new tab(page) you can browse a website even though the other tab is still loading a large size of the web page. With 'Quick Tab' button, you can see a very next tab as soon as you touch. And it animates tabs like flipping pages. (Please refer to the first screenshot.)

2. Special Animation Effects
It's not just a fast web browser. Whenever you're opening or closing tabs, it shows really fun animation effects like flawing lights and exploding page. (You can turn it on and off in Application preference.)

3. Full Browsing mode
Do you want to see a web page without toolbars? Shake the device to enter full browsing mode which hides all others except for the web page itself. And shake once more it will be back to normal mode with tool bar so you can continue to browsing.

4. 2 Different ways of showing Toolbars.
In Application preferences, you have 2 choices of Toolbar's style. With Translucent Toolbar mode, toolbars become translucent and show up on the fully extended browser.

5. Bookmarks supporting Folders
You can create bookmark folders, and add bookmarks in the folder like Safari does. You will be albe to have more organized bookmarks.

6. Tabs Lists View
'Quick Tab' button is really fast when you open between 2~3 tabs. But what about you want to see entire tabs you opened at once?... 'Show All Tabs' in Action button will show you the list of tabs you're browsing. Just touch the item of the list, the page you chose will be brought in front of you right away.

7. integration with Safari and Mail
You can send the current page's link to Safari or Mail easily in Action menu.

Please visit Support web page to watch videos how CaizerWeb works.