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iFart uFart

iPhone / iPad
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iFart uFart is the best Fart app on the market. It has more features than any other fart app for more even more flatulence fun! It has over 5,000 combinations of beginning and end sounds along with the built in farts. There are 5 start sounds including "Fire in the Hole", "Good Lord", and "Safety". 6 end sounds like "Open a Window", "Embarassing", and multiple "Excuse Me" s. It also has 90 built in farts and the ability to record more.

iFart uFart is the FIRST AND ONLY fart app the includes beginning and end sounds to give you 5,000 combinations of sounds.

iFart uFart is also the ONLY fart machine on the market that has remote fart features WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION!

iFart uFart has high security allowing you to have play farts on motion or play a fart WHEN THE DEVICE TURNS ON!


iFart uFart features a timer that goes up to 10 minutes and seconds you can pick and fart or fart and beginning and end sound combination to play after the timer. Hide your device where your friends don't know and watch the surprise on their faces when iFart uFart works its magic.

***Remote Fart
Remote fart allows you to set off other devices within 60Ft by playing a high pitch sound that other devices will recognize and play their fart. Place one device by someone, put it into the GET FARTED remote fart mode then use another device to set off the fart specified.

There are two security options, fart on motion, or fart on turn on. With fart on motion just place your device down and if it is moved it will fart. The turn on fart security feature allows you to TURN OFF YOUR DEVICE and when it is turned on again it will fart!!!

***Record (iPhone Only)
The record feature allows you to record farts or other sounds then play them either as a beginning sound, end sound, or fart sound. Make grunts or other embarrassing voice effects to play after you play the fart

**Free Updates***
We guarantee that all of the updates for iFart uFart will be free

***Coming Up in the Next Version***
The next big version will feature automatic wifi and bluetooth farting arriving with 3.0 of course we may update the app with any requests before then

Don't settle for a simple push a button fart use iFart uFart with more features than imaginable

Keep on flatulating!

email us at for any feature requests or sounds you want added or just comment below