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Bar Findr Touch: Find Beer, Bars, & Liquor Now!

iPhone / iPad
  • Lifestyle
  • Food & Drink
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Find Bars, Clubs and Liquor Stores near YOU!

★ Bar search by your location
★ Bar search by bar name / address / city etc
★ Call, Map, and / or Get Directions to any bar
★ 40 dimensional user review system for bars
★ Over 60,000 bars, clubs, liquor stores, and more!

"There’s no shortage of information to be found in this app, making its 99-cent price tag a great deal."

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★ Ability to bookmark bars
★ View your recently seen bars
★ Detailed profile creation
★ Quickly view your reviews
★ Themes to personalize app
★ Browse bars near each other
★ Add new bars
★ Powerful search filtering
★ Sort and edit bookmarks

Need beer?
Ever explored a new city? Maybe on business?
Throwin' a party?
Forget to pick up that bottle of wine?

★ Need beer now? Download Bar Findr Touch now! Because you'll never go thirsty again!

Bar Findr Touch includes location based search along with traditional name and address text field searching. It gives you the power to add new local bars and liquor stores to our ever growing and already enormous, over 60,000 entry strong database of bars, liquor stores, wine bars, dance clubs, and the like.

When it comes to the details for a specific bar, Bar Findr Touch has all the features you expect. You can call a bar, map a bar, get directions from your current location to any bar in the system, and even see all of the bars that are closeby to any other bar in the database. Are you concerned that your favorite local bar has recently moved or changed their number... then submit a listing correction and our crack staff will quickly make the change (once its verified, of course).

You can bookmark and quickly access your favorite bar hotspots. Your most recently viewed bars are also at your fingertips all the time. A detailed profile is available which will tie in to features being implementing for future releases. There are 15 eye stunning themes for you to choose from that allow customization of Bar Findr Touch's look for your own personal tastes.

Bar Findr Touch's user powered bar review system is extensive and detailed beyond any other review system on the market. Bar Findr Touch's pioneering approach has a 40 dimensional space to rate bars in. Know exactly what a bar is all about before stepping foot inside it. Every user can create and edit reviews of any bar in the Bar Findr Touch database, and view all other reviews as well. There's even a shortcut to quickly see all of your previous reviews at once. I have four words for you: The Mechanical Bull Option!

If our products do not live up to your standards for any reason, please email us at (instead of just writing a bad review on the app store) so we can take direct actions to fix your concerns. Your satisfaction is a priority at Socially Conscious Software, so we would love to hear from you to help fix any and all of your concerns.

Bar Findr Touch currently only locates US bars, worldwide bars are on the way. This is only the beginning.

Bar Findr Touch also lets you listen to your own music while you use the app, so throw on your Black Eyed Peas, Sean Kingston, Taylor Swift, The Dead Weather, or Daughtry and figure out where you are going to spend tonight in style! Take care of all your bar finder needs bar finding with Bar Findr Touch. Improve your nightlife right away. Party at bars with drinking games. Have fun clubbing on your night out. Alcohol and liquor finding at its simplest.

Having defiance and knowing how to push your social life to the next level will really get you fired up! Maybe he's just not that into you but maybe if you go out tonight with Bar Findr Touch at twilight and leave this town then i gotta feeling the fire burning inside your ocean eyes will have him thinking you belong with me while his heart goes boom boom pow !

Works like Vicinity, Loopt, WHERE, Yelp, etc!