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A Money Tree - Kids Coin Learning Game

iPhone / iPad
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Kids Coin Learning Game

The expression "Money doesn't grow on trees" has always sparked kid's imaginations. They may imagine planting a penny in the ground and waking up the next day to a huge tree full of money or a field of trees full of money just waiting for them to fill their pockets.

In this game the money tree is a cute and friendly looking tree that drops coins for kids to catch in a barrel. The barrel is piloted by one of 6 fun characters. Kids will have fun and learn to recognize the different coins and their values.

This is a great game for kids in the car, kids in the airplane, kids at a restaurant, or anywhere else kids may get bored.

Parents you don't have to let your kids have all the fun. There are 2 difficulty levels.

Basic Instructions:
-Catch the coins in your barrel. That change really adds up quick!
-Position the barrel under the coins by tilting right or left in the direction you want to move.
-If you miss 5 coins in a row, then you lose your barrel except in a bonus level (every third level).  In a bonus level ( levels 3, 6, 9, … ) you can’t lose your barrel; just catch as many coins as you can.
-If you catch a barrel, you will have an extra wide barrel to catch the coins for the rest of the round.
-Extra barrels are awarded at $10, $50 and at each additional $50
-Uses iPhone accelerometer control
-Unlimited levels of play
-Extra guys (barrels)
-6 fun characters to choose from
-6 Saved hi scores one for each character
-2 levels of difficulty
-Help screen
-Sound On/Off control
-Fun fun fun for kids kids kids