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iGunz - Machine Gun Mania

iPhone / iPad
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Check out the free version of iGunz. Search in App Store for "iGunz" and try 5 different guns for free. The free version allows you to upgrade to all the same guns as this app (with In-App Purchase).

iGunz - Machine Gun Mania

Now with 22 different guns - select your weapon of choice, then touch and hold the screen to shoot. With realistic sound effects, muzzle flash and reloading. More Guns, more ammo and vibration!

Customer reviews:

Amazing ★★★★★ : "This is the best gun app going. I love the update."

Awesome ★★★★★ : "It was good before. Now it's absolutely amazing. More than worth the buck."

Super app - ★★★★★ - Favorite app of my grandson!

Pretty cool ★★★★★ : "This is one of my fav apps out of the 72 that I have. That pretty much says it all."


New in this update
- 16 more guns, including guns from movies, automatics, machine guns, shotguns, pistols and an RPG
- Ammo Reloading – A full magazine of ammo is shown, and when its empty, reload!
- Ejected bullet casings fly out of guns
- Vibration – iPhone vibrates when shooting
- Pump-action – Pump the shotguns to reload shells


- Choice of 22 weapons
- Realistic sounds with dropping shells
- Muzzle flash with every bullet fired
- Gun animation and vibration
- Ammunition reloading
- Pump-action shotguns
- Magazine, revolver and belt-fed guns

Guns Available

Movie Guns
- M60 : Rambo
- M41-A: Alien
- M16: The Matrix
- Auto 9: RoboCop
- AK-47: True Lies

- Uzi
- MP5

Machine Guns
- M134 Minigun
- M2 Browning
- M240
- MG3
- M249

- Sawn-off
- Pump-action
- Double Barrel
- Short Pump-action

- Glock
- Desert Eagle
- Revolver

- Assault
- Sniper

Grenade Launcher
- RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)


For fans of i-Gun, Gun, GunSounds, Gun Fight, GunApp, Gun Runner, iShoot, Gun Builder and all the other great gun apps!

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