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Could YOU Live Without Your iPhone?
If you have one, you already know. Your iPhone isn’t just a phone. It’s your music. Your internet. Your contacts. Your connection to your world.
Now imagine losing that connection in the blink of an eye...leaving it on the counter at the convenience store…on the seat on a train…on the table in the pub. Gone.

Now an application that you can download and install in SECONDS that will safeguard your iPhone in case you ever were to lose it.

Here’s how it works:
You download and install the app on your iPhone. Once it has installed, you simply add a contact called REWARD into your contacts. Once you have done this, you can rest easy.
If your phone is lost, chances are, SOMEONE will find it…people are naturally curious… of course they are going to power on the phone and take a look through it!!!
Once they reach the main screen and see the reward button, all they have to do is simply click on the button and the app will run, prompting them to contact you so that they can collect their reward.
Why would they do such a thing? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Everyone knows that when a phone is lost the first thing the owner does is report it missing or stolen so that the phone can be locked to avoid un-authorized call charges. This lock renders it useless to anyone who might consider keeping it. So of course they would want to cash in on the reward!


This could be the most CRITICAL app that you ever download onto your iPhone. You could lose your iPhone TOMORROW! Imagine your panic, your frustration that you would feel in the moments after you realize that you lost your iPhone…now imagine the relief you would feel once you