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Wizbits is a collection of Bits of Wisdom I have received over the years. Most of these came from my Dad and were originally included in a Book called Wizbits from Dad.

Each one is a short story with a main catch phrase like: "Everybody drives a used car" and the story that went along with it as well as an application to how we can use this wisdom.

Wizbits is continually being expanded and each one will be a free upgrade. Current chapters include:
* Introduction to Wizbits
* Cry Me a Bucket
* Just Keep On Going to Sunday School
* Everybody Drives a Used Car
* The 5 cents Per Mile Rule
* You Have to Be Willing to Walk off the Lot
* Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
* Never Ask for a Raise Until You’re Worth More to the Company
* If There’s a Leak in Your Boat, Bail it Out!
* Measure Twice, Cut Once
* If You Don’t Get it Done Today, it Will Be Here Tomorrow
* Don’t Burn Your Bridges
* Don’t Force it, Get a Bigger Hammer
* Don’t Overcorrect
* Do Something Even if It’s Wrong
* Don’t Put all Your Eggs in One Basket
* Fantastic! Now What?—The Sausage Mill
* If You Don’t Have Time to Do It Right
* Dad’s Hammering Technique
* If It Is Broken, Fix it
* The Lazy Man’s Load
* You Have to Make Money off Your Friends
* You Can Catch More Flies with Honey than with Vinegar
* Never Point a Gun at Someone Unless You Plan to Shoot Them
* You Can Run Out of Gas… But You Can NOT Run Out of Oil
* If You Want to Get Better, Practice!
* We Can Make Time to Play
* If You Want Juicy Tomatoes, You Have to Give Them Plenty of Water
* Try Everything on Your Plate… Variety Is the Spice of Life!
* When I Was a Child, I Spoke as a Child…
* Work Before Play
* You Can Do almost Anything if You Try