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Movie Star Pro

iPhone / iPad
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Movie Star is an addictive iPhone app where you get to arrange celebrity pictures through touch and drag and experience their charm. It is a mind bender and an entertainer that keeps you hooked.
Note that it is different from a classic tile game where you can move only to a fixed position to replace the empty tile. Movie Star allows you to move any tile to any position swapping the contents of the respective tiles.
The aim of the game is to reach a high score with minimum amount of time and minimum amount of games.
Use Solve option in case you are unable to get the correct picture but let me warn you it will reset your scores to zero(Level 3 only) push harder

Level 1: Image is split into 4 tiles x 4 tiles
If Solve is used here then you have the option to Continue to a new game without affecting your scores.

Level 2: Image is split into 5 tiles x 5 tiles
If Solve is used here then you have the option to Continue to a new game without affecting your scores.

Level 3: Image is split into 6 tiles x 6 tiles
If the Solve option is used here then the Score and Time played is reset to 0(zero).

Special Feature - Choose Photo
If you want to play Movie Star with your own pictures then use Choose Photo option to select a picture from your iPhone.

How will you score?
Score = Bonus + No of tiles.

For eg,
In level 1 number of tiles = 16;
if completed in (16*2) seconds then bonus is (16*3)and points earned = 16*3(bonus) + 16(no of tiles) = 64
if completed in (16*3)seconds then bonus is (16*2)and points earned = 16*2 + 16 = 48
if done in (16*4)seconds then bonus is (16*1) then number of points earned = 16*1 + 16 = 32
else number of points earned = no of tiles i.e. 16

High Scores Posting and Viewing
To upload your scores click on 'i' at the bottom right of the screen and Click on Upload Score.

It will prompt you to enter your name/alias and email address that you want to save the score with (Note:Your iPhone needs to be connected to the Internet for the same). Click on 'Done' at the top right corner to return to the game.

Get other titles like "Movie HangMan" by clicking on the title "ThoughtString" in iTunes for added sport.

All images in this application have been gathered from freeware sites on the Internet and are believed to be public domain.
If there is a picture in this application that has copyright then the owner of the copyright can e-mail us at info at We will then remove the picture from the app or put copyright information below the picture if the owner agrees.