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Probably the easiest way to make someone smile from ear to ear.... just stretch the lips with your finger.

You will have a lot of fun modifying pictures like playing with plasticine.

From boring pictures .... laugh at super lengthen legs, Scottie's ears, wink, crossed eyes, spiky hair, instant bald patching ... inclining buildings, stretched cars, and many interesting contorted and rubbery effects you can create over and over again.

Angry with someone or a situation ? Have a go at his/her picture, relieve some stress and things will look better when you smile.


Please see the screenshots for some examples. The faces in the samples are computer-generated composites, any resemblance is purely coincidental.

ScreenShot #1
A smiling woman is made to look angry.
It is done by touching the corners of the lips and dragging downwards, pushed up eye-brows, raised nose, etc...

ScreenShot #2
Re-styling of a popular style of shoe.

ScreenShot #3
A Volkswagon Beetle made to look like a Porsche 911.
(Historically, the first model of Porsche 911 is derived from the Beetle).
The 'exploding' background was done by rubbing the white areas outwards with the thumb.

ScreenShot #4
The TV test pattern is reaped.
This was done by scratching the top black border towards the center and then scratching side ways.
Scratching here means a quick movement of a finger like scratching an itch.


1) Select a photo from your iPhoto photo library, take a new photo or just pick from the samples provided.

2) Modify the photo with your finger or thumb.
Please note that the point of contact with the screen is the fleshy part of the finger not your finger nail.
Try the following finger actions depending on the effect you want:
- touch and drag
- kneeling
- smear
- rolling (like making a finger-print), this is perfect for tucking-in the edges

3) Press the 'RECORD' button to capture what you have created.
The modified image is saved in the photo library.
If your creation is a bit more complex, press this button regularly to save your work.