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iPinSafe is the perfect solution if you want to take your secret passwords and PIN codes with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can enter and maintain the data either with this app, or with the Mac version of iPinSafe (available on the Mac App Store).

The app stores the information in a very secure way on your iPhone, and only allows access to someone who can reproduce a specific screen gesture, defined by you.

The program stores the information with strong encryption, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Therefore, the only way to access the data is by entering a key, which only you know.

iPinSafe uses a unique approach for entering the key. You do not have to type a password or a secret number; instead the program lets you define a gesture, in the form of a line pattern that you simply draw on the screen. This approach has a number of advantages:
- It is faster than typing a password.
- Being a line pattern, the key is easier to remember than a series of letters and digits.
- The number of possible gestures is huge, so it is virtually impossible to guess the correct one.

The encryption key is not stored on the device - only you know the personal gesture. So even if you lose the device, the information is safe.

While you draw your secret line pattern, it appears in a small area of the screen, and can even be totally hidden if you wish. Even if people see you entering the gesture, it is highly unlikely they will be able to reproduce it. However, if you suspect that an unauthorized person knows the gesture, you can instantly change it.

While accessing your confidential data, you can lock the data instantly by simply turning the device face-down. This clears the screen, and you must enter the gesture again to see the data.

The program also locks the data if the device is tilted or moved quickly - for example if someone unexpectedly grabs it from your hands.

iPinSafe keeps track of the number of times a wrong gesture has been entered, and displays this number as a badge on the application icon. The number is cleared when the correct gesture is entered.

The program supports auto-destruct: if a wrong gesture has been entered too many times in a row, the stored data is destroyed. You can configure the maximum number of attempts yourself.