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mapUs 4.0
for iPhone OS 4.0

You and your friends can now see each other, real time on mapUs. Email or message your location to others. Easily tell your friends to join your group.
How to use:
Agree with your friend(s) on a shared password and type it in. You'll see each other immediately on the map as pins.
Shared Passwords:
Anything unique that you and your friend(s) can share. An email address would be fine. It's unlikely that another group of friends would be using your email address by mistake.
The pins:

A pin will show up for each person using mapUs and also using the same password. When someone closes their app, their pin also goes away. You're the blue dot.
Friends remembered:
mapUs remembers your shared password. So, each time you and your friends turn on mapUs, you will see each other.
Real time GPS:
Watch you and your friends move across the map in real time, mapUs combines GPS, cell tower location, and Wi-Fi technology to determine your location.
Unknown Pins
If you see unknown pins, that means that someone else is using the same shared password. They will also see you as an unknown pin on their map.
Possible Use: Couples
Some couples can't seem to get enough of each other. Right? Well, now you can really enjoy being closer when you're away from each other.
Possible Use: Family Outing
A family with iPhones can keep track of each other when on a trip: to an amusement park, for example.
Possible Use: Sales Team
A group of salespersons want to split up and cover some territory. Coordination between team members improves when everyone knows where everyone else is.

Touch this button to simulate another random user with the same password. Touch again to end the test.

Terrain or Standard:

Touch this button to toggle between a standard map and a hybrid map (with terrain). Sometimes, you might need to see the buildings and trees and other landmarks in order to understand which way you are facing.

Tap this button to see all pins at once, zoomed as close as possible.

Tap this button to toggle on/off map rotation. Some iphones have built-in a compass. When rotation is on, the map rotates to stay orientated properly.
Help / Add a Friend:

Touch this button to get the latest information about mapUs features, updates, and contact information. Also, send an email to a friend you want to add to your mapUs group. The link in the resulting email will load the iTunes application (windows or mac) or load the AppStore application (iPhone): where mapUs can be downloaded.
Change shared password:
You can change it anytime you want. Just tell your friends the new password. Only friends using the new password will show up. So, shared passwords are like TV channels that you can create on-the-fly. Just make sure you're all watching the same channel to see each other.
mapUs refreshes every 5 seconds. If a pin is not refreshed within 20 seconds, it goes away.
Compass Rotation (iPhone 3Gs, 4)
MapUs rotates automatically so that north on the map always faces north. This feature is only available on the new iPhone 3Gs.
Not Case-sensitive
This means that "password" is the same as "PassWord" or "PASSWORD". One less thing to worry about. Also spaces are ok. So you can use phrases.
MapUs might not work inside big buildings because it uses GPS from satellites.
Amre Amer
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