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USMC TRAINER is the perfect tool for anyone currently in the Marine Corps, training to become a Marine, or just interested in over-all fitness. Created by a former Marine, this trainer is designed to help Marines better themselves physically and mentally as well as prep future Marines so they can excel at Basic Training.

It has four different training modes: PFT Calculator, IT Trainer, Run Timer and USMC General Knowledge Flashcards.

PFT CALCULATOR: Includes a crunch timer, run timer, flex arm hang timer (for women), and a pull-ups field. After you enter your info in the fields, the calculator does the rest in accordance to Marine Corps Order 6100.13. There is also a PFT Log that keeps track of past PFTs so you can monitor your progress.

CFT CALCULATOR: The new Combat Fitness Test is designed to better assess a Marine's ability to handle the physical stresses of combat. Includes timers for Movement to Contact, Ammo Can Lifts and Movement Under Fire, along with great instructions and diagrams for the course. Track your CFT improvements over time.

IT VIRTUAL TRAINER: The IT (Incentive Training) Virtual Trainer allows you to pick several different exercises, set a countdown timer and then a Virtual Drill Instructor “quarterdecks” you, yelling out the exercises to you in random intervals. It has detailed instructions, along with photos, on how to perform these exercises to USMC standards.

RUN TIMER & LOG: A separate Run Timer & Log allows you to work specifically on your run time, saving your past runs in a log so you can track your progress.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FLASHCARDS: Has over 150 questions taken straight from the Boot Camp PracAp final test and “Book of Knowledge” issued to all Recruits. It includes USMC history, rank and command structures, UCMJ Articles and all the basic knowledge everyone should know before going to Boot Camp.

SETTINGS allows you to input specific information (age, sex, etc.) so it can correctly calculate your PFT and CFT scores.

No Marine should be without the PFT Trainer, it is an invaluable tool that will help you obtain your goals and push yourself towards the next cutting score. Anyone wanting to join the USMC will get a small taste of what it’s like to be a Marine, while training to become a part of the few and the proud. Semper Fi!