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Identity theft is a growing problem. Your data must be kept secure, but with so many passwords to remember, how can you remember them all? PassSafe provides a way. It provides a means of storing phone numbers, safe combinations, security codes, credit card numbers, email accounts, and other data safely encrypted, yet available at an instant with the right key. With the note feature you can attach any data, from journal entries to customer information, and be confident that it is kept securely. PassSafe NEVER writes your data in clear format, so no data can ever be recovered from the flash. Now you need only one password to remember instead of dozens. In addition, PassSafe provides a password generator function that produces cryptologic level passwords up to 24 characters in length. Now you wont need to use the dog's name or your birthdate as passwords, let PassSafe generate a complex password and store it for you. PassSafe supports multiple users, each with their own login/password and unique data file. The PassSafe encrypted file is automatically backed up to iTunes every time you sync, for further protection. The encryption is very secure, but that is only one level of security. Most data is compromised not by experts with supercomputers cracking encryption algorithms, but by thieves guessing the user's password. With PassSafe, the user must enter the account name and the password (both up to 24 characters long), making guessing effectiviely impossible.

For secure EMAIL try MailSafe - it encrypts and sends your email so only the intended recipient can access it!!