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Speedcams Czech Republic: AlertMe

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Speedcams Czech Republic: AlertMe

We are working on a much fuller version 2.0 with new features and new design. Available soon at the App Store.

Download it now before the price rises!

THIS IS THE #1 SPEEDCAM APPLICATION IN EUROPE. More than 10,000 Europeans are driving with Speedcams:AlertMe. Now available in Czech Republic!

Save big-time on cash and headaches with the MOST COMPLETE speedcam advising application on the market. Proven in many countries and now available in Czech Republic with over 1700 points of interest included in its database, the most inclusive and extensive database in Czech Republic! Don't get fooled by copy cats. It will cost you!
Be a safer driver with Speedcams Czech Republic: AlertMe.

Speedcams Czech Republic: AlertMe is your ultimate solution for speedcam alerts on the roads and streets of Czech Republic.
Speedcams Czech Republic: AlertMe alerts you to the following types of point of interest:

- Fixed Speedcams
- Mobile SpedcamS
- Redlight Cameras

Before starting on your journey, simply configure the types of alerts that you would like to receive and from what distance from the point of interest you want to receive them.

When you reach a speedcam point, you’ll get the following information:
- Large visual icon
- Descriptive text of the point of interest
- Exact location of the speedcam point
- Distance in meters to the speedcam point
- Graphic indicator of the distance to the speedcam point
- Acoustic alert
- Vibration alert
- Indicator of the precision of the GPS signal
- Spectacular interface so that you can easily recognize the alert while safely driving.

Every driver, either by car or motorbike, who want to concentrate on driving safely and avoid the ever-increasing cost of penalties for speeding in Czech Republic.


We welcome your feedback! Please send us your comments and suggestions to: or go to our support page

- For your security and that of others, never use the iPhone while driving. Configure your settings before you begin your journey.
- AlertMe is designed to make driving safer. Always respect traffic laws and signals.
- AlertMe requires iPhone 3G and GPS coverage for proper functionality. If you receive a notice “no GPS signal detected”, make sure the iPhone has a direct line to the sky.
- Although AlertMe is designed to use minimal battery life, it is recommended to use a car charger for long journeys.