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女寶寶叫什麼? Baby Name Game Girl Chinese

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替寶寶取名字常常是個令人頭痛的課題:傳統的好還是特別的好? 複雜的好還是簡單的好? 名字的選擇實在是太多了,可是寶寶就快出生,一股莫名的壓力襲來~因為這是你們小倆口和寶寶一生最重要的決定!與其翻字典傷透腦筋地逐字搜尋,寶寶命名遊戲提供了一個有趣的方式:系統自動逐步建議一個名字,你再根據喜好來評分:加入我的最愛,暫時保留,或者是完全不再考慮。如此一來,你就可以有效率地將一堆名字做初步的分類。根據喜好,你可以將系統設定為以一個字或兩個字來取名字。遊戲中你會發現,熟悉的名字和特殊的名字交替出現,這是因為寶寶命名系統以隨機的方式建議,讓你藉此發現意想不到的名字,激發靈感,避免「菜市場」名!



Choosing a name for a new baby can be a daunting task; traditional or original, long or short, the options are countless, and the pressure is on, for what could be one of the most important decisions in your life! Instead of having to go through thousands of characters in the Chinese dictionary, Baby Name Game presents names in an engaging and fun way: a name appears and you're invited to rate it: discard it, keep it around or make it a favorite. In this way, you quickly divide a large number of names according to your taste. According to your preference, you can also set the naming using one or two characters. As the names are presented in a random order, you'll be exposed to both familiar and unexpected names, which is surprising and inspiring at the same time.

To rate a name, you assign it to either the Trash can, the Recycle bin or the My Favorites list. Names in the recycle bin can be reviewed at a later time, when you can decide to make them a favorite after all, or discard them into the trash. The My Favorites list is where you keep the names you are seriously considering as a name for your baby. In the My Favorites list view you can further refine your selection of favorite baby names, by awarding stars to each name. You can also email the list directly to your partner, family or friends! And if you suddenly get inspired, you can add a favorite name by just typing it yourself. All ratings you make are immediately stored in a database, so you can quit out and come back at any moment: ideal for a quick break at work or on the subway!

The attractive interface, with nice animations and sound effects, makes going through large amounts of names both fast and fun. Baby Name Game Girl Chinese is the most fun way to select a name for your new daughter, and you'll find yourself going back to it again and again!