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Mighty's Adventures under the Sea

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Racing
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"Mighty's Adventures Under the Sea" appears in the game for iPhone/iPod touch.

Mighty of hero who has been confined in bottom in sea.
The escape play of his miracle starts here.

The way to play is simple.
The hero keeps swimming toward the surface of the water.
Let's aim at the surface of the water while avoiding the obstacle and the enemy character because the hero advances toward the inclined direction when iPhone/iPod touch is inclined right and left.
When it comes in contact with the wall and the enemy or the oxygen gauge empties, it is game over. The number of oxygen gauges decreases fast whenever time passes. It is possible to recover by taking "Oxygen cylinder" of the item that is on the way.

The enemy character is an octopus, a squid, a shark, and a crab ... etc. It is plenty.
A unique attack like octopus's Indian ink and electric medusa's blitz etc. prevents you.

Clear time can be transmitted by clearing the stage on the network. If it wins the ranking, the content of the name and play is registered.
My best score and the content of the ranking prize winner's play can be reproduced by replay, and it compete by playing a game while displaying the content of play.

【 stage that can be played 】
・Coral reef
・Bottom of the sea temple
・Sunken ship

【 function explanation 】
The play of my best score and the play of the prize winner of the ranking can reproduce in replay.
・Ghost fighting
The play of my best score and the play of the prize winner of the ranking are displayed as a ghost, and it is possible to pseudo-fight.
・Registration at clear time
It is preserved in the server if my clear time and content of play can be transmitted to the server, and it wins.
Three rankings of the week, month, and the synthesis are prepared in the server, and the ranking of each stage to the third high rank place is preserved.
The replay ghost of the content of the play of the ranking can fight.