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Kaleidoscope X

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Kaleidoscope X is an amazing work of interactive art.
Users say: "You've created a MASTERPIECE!!!", "Absolutely Brilliant Application!", "Hands Down- My Favorite iPhone App!"

Much more than just a traditional kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope X is a creative tool for producing beautiful images and for stimulating the visual pleasure centers in the human brain.

* Smooth 60 frames-per-second OpenGL rendering.
* Touch and drag to rotate the underlying image 360 degrees or pan along the x-axis, pinch to zoom in or out.
* User-controllable automatic animation of up to three kaleidoscope parameters (rotation, pan, triangle size), and full control of animation speed. Double-tap anywhere but the center of the screen to start or stop the animation.
* Tilt your device to pan the image along the y-axis. (Accelerometer can be turned on or off in case of sensory overload!)
* A collection of rich and unusual preset images to get you started.
* Images can be loaded from your Photo Library, or directly from your Camera (on supported devices).
* A Screenshot Button can be enabled to quickly send your creations to your Photo Library. (Although for best image quality, see the note below.)
* Eight kaleidoscope mirror settings, providing a variety of symmetries. Mandala Mirror with 4 to 29 symmetrical leaves. NEW! Annulus Mirror with concentric rings formed using the Golden Ratio. (Touch "MANDALA" to toggle). Square Mirror with 2 or 4 subdivisions. (Touch "SQUARE" to toggle the subdivisions.)
* Simple and easy to use. Tap once for options.

* Unique kaleidoscope mirrors, including a “magic” mirror that instantly increases the “trippyness” factor, and a “bent” mirror kind of like those crazy carnival mirrors.
* Kaleidoscope X also includes a STEREO mirror! If you can make your eyes go out of focus and see the images in those stereo 3-D pictures, you’ll be able to see Kaleidoscope X in stereo. The effect is very cool! (Rotate your device to landscape mode when using the STEREO mirror!)
* Double-tap the center of the screen to switch from a full-screen view to a view that looks just like you are peering into the lens of a traditional kaleidoscope!
* The ability to CHANGE THE COLOR of any image. Colors not saturated enough in that photo of your cat? Tap “Randomize Color” and watch what happens. Tap again, and the colors will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Of course, you can restore the colors of the original image at any time.
* And the most amazing and unique feature of all: an IMAGE SYNTHESIZER. That’s right, Kaleidoscope X can create beautiful images especially designed for your kaleidoscope--on the fly! A different one every time you tap the button. Ten different algorithms, including “Color Wheel Mosaic” and “St. Elmo's Plasma”, will delight you with virtually infinite possibilities. You will definitely want to show these to your friends and family.

We really hope you enjoy Kaleidoscope X. We had a lot of fun making it. Any and all feedback is welcome: write to us at

NOTE: Due to a “feature” of the iPhone/iPod touch operating system, the screenshot you get by using the Screenshot Button will be good, but not great. To get the very best screenshot press the “HOME” and “POWER” buttons on your device at the same time. The screen will flash and a high-resolution screenshot will be saved into your Photo Library. Don’t forget to try loading it back in to Kaleidoscope X for even more variety!