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Words in Shapes

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Education
  • Puzzle
  • Word
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Application Description

Introducing the newest and most exciting thing to happen to the world of word puzzles! Brought to you by zYouSoft, WordsinShapes challenges even the most advanced puzzle enthusiasts with hours of mind-boggling, brain-teasing fun!

Can you find the words in geometric patterns throughout the game board? Word shapes can be as easy as a square or triangle or as challenging as a pentagon or hexagon! They can even be found upside down or in mirror images. So take the WordsinShapes challenge today and see if you can beat this mind-crunching test of brainpower.

How to Play:

The concept is easy. The challenge is thrilling. The fun is addicting. Letters are arranged across the game board. It’s your job to find the words in the puzzle that match the geometric shape displayed next to the words in the word bank.

For example, if the word “dogs” has a square next to it, you are looking for all four letters of the word “dogs” on the game board that are in the shape of a square: specifically the four corners or points of the square. Simply touch each of the letters, d, o, g, s in order. The letters will be highlighted and then disappear, awarding you the word when correct. Remember, the letters don’t have to be adjacent to each other. You are looking for the letters at the points of the specific shape. You win when you have found all the words on the game board.

For an even greater challenge, try to beat your own time or test your skills against your friends and see if they can beat your score!