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In 2015 AD we made a terrible mistake by implanted HTM artificial brains in the friendly little AO-Maru robots. Within a few years they were out of control and had to be transported to an abandoned space station in orbit around Jupiter.

Now, 12 centuries later, they are approaching earth in a gigantic hive. Our only defense is your laser outpost!

Tap the control panel to fire lasers. Score 25 points for each bot destroyed, each shot costs 1 point.

Hint: tap the control panel to skip the intro.

"I LOVE this GAME! It is as addicting as the old Astroids game I use to play growing up.
Very realistic stereo sound and fast acting graphics.

The new ScoreLoop technology maintains and ranks everyones high scores. Play challenges with FaceBook & AddressBook friends or anyone with an email address to earn coins, medalions and bragging rights.
ScoreLoop is fully functional now and their community site where you can customize your avatar will be open soon.

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