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WinGag: iPhone's first "true" Windows experience.
Ever wish you could have the frustrating experience that PC users have had for years? Well, now...There's an App for that!

WinGag allows you to get revenge on those uptight, pencil-pushing PC fanatics everywhere who’ve poked fun at your iPhone or Mac! WinGag gives you the opportunity to get 'em back in seconds while giving yourself a chuckle along the way. Heck, Apple has built an entire marketing campaign around PC guy versus Mac guy. Now YOU can take part in the battle.
When WinGag loads, the PC aficionado will see an all-too familiar Windows-ish desktop complete with Start button, System Tray and Blue background. The unsuspecting user will surely be impressed by the application's quick start-up time and comforting familiar appearance.
The fun really starts when the user taps the Start button. An hourglass appears and after a brief moment, they are greeted with a special surprise they've come to know very well…yes…a dreaded Blue Screen of Death-like image (BSOD)! Undoubtedly, something every Windows user has experienced countless times.
After you compose yourself, you can tell your PC friend, "See! Using an iPhone isn't so different than a Windows PC".

For the price, you'll definitely get your chuckles worth.