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Your goal is to take the treasure hidden somewhere in a big maze and return to the exit. But you aren't alone in the whole maze. Skeleton creatures called Mazugs will interpose in your way. Don't worry, there are swords scattered across the maze to deal with them. You can also try to take care of them without sword but you'll usually be killed.

There are two in-game maps that can be viewed at any time.

Apart, in the maze there are prisoners who will show you the way to the treasure or to the exit, if you already have it. Each time you interact with a prisoner the right way will be marked by coloured dots for a short time.

In addition to the Mazugs and the maze itself, you have an energy bar. Energy decreases as time pass or you fight with Mazugs. If you don't want to die by starvation, you must get the food scattered along the maze.

Tactic is very important in the game:
- You can't carry a sword and the treasure at the same time.
- Having a sword will enable you to kill a Mazug, but after a fight you will need another.
These last two factors lead to the tactic of avoiding groups of Mazugs, but killing as many as possible before collecting the gold.

You can swap sword and treasure at any time.

Also, your energy level can be so low to try to kill a Mazug. You can prefer to try to avoid a fight, or you can choose a wrong path to search for food and swords.

Each time you start a new game, a new whole maze is generated, and the treasure is always as far as possible. This means infinities possibilities of play.
These mazes aren't boring levels where your only mission is to find out.

The game is very addictive if you try to overcome the five levels gradually.

- Retro RPG style game
- Infinite mazes
- Several items to pick-up: Swords, food, prisoners, potions of invisibility, extra lives, ...
- Two in-game maps: Full maze view and partial detailed view
- Six characters to choose as hero/heroine: Three boys and three girls
- Two types of enemies: intelligent and dumb
- Built-in game instructions
- There are five difficulty levels to choose
- High Score table
- Doesn't have pre-established background music. Don't worry, you can still play your own music in the background.

Go for it! and explore a randomly generated maze looking for gold and fighting nasties.

Cheats on the Mazugs web site.

Mazugs is a free adaptation of Maziacs game, written for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Don Priestley in 1983, and published by DK'Tronics.
Maziacs was based on his earlier ZX81 game Mazogs which was published by Bug Byte in 1982.