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Dr.eye譯典通 (Dr.eye Instant Translation)

iPhone / iPad
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Dr.eye 譯典通全新改版,經過長久規畫, Dr.eye譯典通 iOS終於改版了,


1. Dr.eye Everyday:每日一句/每日一字讓您天天有新句/新字,增加英文學習樂趣。
2. 雲端新聞:讓您在閱讀新聞同時可直接查詢陌生單字。
3. 生字筆記:遇上陌生單字,可即時加入生字筆記,並在登入會員後便可同步雲端筆記,讓您不管使用任何平台都能輕鬆管理複習,讓學習不間斷。
4. 加值服務:內含專人翻譯網站,提供使用者更多元的需求。
5. 學習頻道:內建背單字功能,可隨時使用內建單字卡,分級學習英文單字
6. 介紹說明:疑難排除、使用介紹、粉絲專頁統統在這裡。
7. 中文繁簡辭典切換:辭庫自動切換:;系統為繁體中文,則提供繁體辭典;系統為簡體中文,則提供簡體辭典;系統為英文或其它語言,您可根據需要,切換為繁體辭典或簡體辭典。

The new version of Dr.eye is released now!

New interface design let you use Dr.eye more conveniently!

1. Dr.eye Everyday: You can learn new sentence and new word every day by Daily Sentence and Daily Word. It enhances your English learning interest.
2. Cloud News: You can read English news and look up the unknown words immediately.
3. Word Manager: You can add unknown words into Word Manager. As a Dr.eye member, you can synchronize the data to Cloud Word Manager. Then you can visit, review and manage the words on any platform.
4. Value-added Service: It provides you the human translation website to satisfy your different translation requirement.
5. Learning Channel: You can recite English words step by step with the embedded graded word cards
6. Help: You can solve your problems on Dr.eye and interact with other users here.
7. Super-Valued Dictionary Dataset: It contains two sets of database - simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. It can change with your system language or your settings.