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= What is the iWizard Dow 30? =

The iWizard Dow 30 is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard Dow 30 is based upon a revolutionary method of identifying key support and resistance areas. Our system then uses these support and resistance areas to derive entry signals for high probability trades in any market.

It's so simple.

With the iWizard Dow 30, there is no need to look at charts (although we do offer them), there are no complicated formulas to learn and, most importantly, there is no confusion. Our trade signals are completely unambiguous. We give you the entry price, profit targets and exit price. That's it. What could be easier? All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

= The 3 steps to investing with the iWizard Dow 30 =

-Identify the trend
Using our proprietary trend indicators, identifying the current trend of the market is easy. This will tell you whether to look for buys (longs) or sells (shorts).

-Look for trades
Now that you've determined the trend, simply run a scan to find entries for the next day.

-Manage your trade
The iWizard Dow 30, there is absolutely no ambiguity about when to get in and when to get out. Our system provides specific entry prices, specific profit targets and specific exit points ó to the penny.

= How does the iWizard Dow 30 do it? =

Our philosophy is simple:

Put the Odds in Your Favor

a) Wait until the odds are in your favor and then taking action.
b) Riding your profits and cutting your losses.
c) Our system is designed to help you become a successful investor.

= The highest probability trades =

By keeping you on the right side of the trend, the iWizard Dow 30 immediately puts the odds in your favor. And when it takes action, its entry signal for each trade is based on our high-probability support and resistance methodology. And while we can never guarantee that every trade will be a winner, we can give you a very high probability of a winning trade.

= Riding winners, cutting losers =

But keeping the odds in your favor applies to more than taking the best trades. To be truly successful, you must also do the one thing that so few investors can: you must let your profits run, and you must cut your losing trades quickly. And the iWizard Dow 30 does this, too. Our stop losses ensure that you never take a big loss, while our profit management features help you lock in your profits and stay in winning trades.

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