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Come on down and participate in your very own Game Show called QuitIt! In it you play with Lumpy, a former child-star from planet Zgrunturos. Lumpy is your captive star, and it's up to you to tease or please him! And just like a Game Show, QuitIt! will keep getting new Episodes!

Stressed out? Go ahead and take it out on Lumpy by poking him with our wacky collection of teasing Pokers. Give him gifts to raise his hopes and watch them sink when they take a turn for the worse.

Wanna be Lumpy's BFF? Tickle him with an array of pleasing Pokers. Try feeding him his favorite snack or giving him a toy! How about dressing him up?

To tease or please Lumpy - his fate in the Show rests in the touch of your hand.

QuitIt! was previously featured TWICE in Apple's What's Hot List!


-OpenFeint support with Leaderboards and over 40 Achievements!
-A brand spankin' new minigame: Lumpy Bounce!
-Over 25 Pokers to tease or please Lumpy with, including more Lumpy animations for SANTA'S ROD OF ENFORCEMENT and PUCKER UP!
-There are now 40 Gifts, including more interactive Gifts. Be sure to check out the newest interactive gift Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy!
-More Accessories to dress Lumpy up in! These ones are Christmas themed! And what's this TATTOOS?
-Even more Achievements and Secrets!

Check out our EP4 game play video demo on YouTube.

Want to find the latest breaking news about QuitIt! and Lumpy? Check out our blog at Or follow us on Twitter @2nProductions


EP1: Pilot Episode
EP2: Shock and Oww
EP3: Lumpy's Best Friend
EP4: And Along Came Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy
EP5: Look Who's Walking (TENTATIVE TITLE NAME)


Each new episode of QuitIt! will entertain you with new ways of teasing and pleasing Lumpy as well as interacting with the Show. Later episodes will introduce new locations and of course guest stars!

Episode 5 may contain:

-Is this true? Lumpy will be moving around the room!?
-Another area to interact with Lumpy

2n Productions is a small independent developer. We need your support! Your purchase and support of QuitIt! will enable us to keep producing new Episodes for you. So please help us spread the word!

Only through this support can we continue to make new FREE updates. So if you would like to see more updates, please tell others about QuitIt! and leave a review on iTunes!

You can find out more information about Lumpy and the world of QuitIt! by going to Lumpy's blog at or our website at

If you enjoy the game, please write us a good review on iTunes. Or send Lumpy a message letting him know what you liked or what new features you would like to see.

Not happy with a feature? We're listening! Let us know and we'll do our best to improve it! We're committed to improving QuitIt! and making more episodes for your enjoyment!


Being new in town can be tough! But what about if you're from another planet? Help make Lumpy feel at home here on Earth by sending him some fan mail! Or try poking him on Facebook. Search for "Lumpy Hrudkovity". Just maybe he'll poke you back!