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I Hear Frogs

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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IHearFrogs features fully animated poison dart frogs hopping, crawling and chirping in their leafy home in the Amazon rain forest.

Interact with the frogs by sliding them round the screen or touch them to make them hop away.

Or just watch the frogs as you relax to the jungle hum and sounds of the rain forest - the rise and fall of the buzz of cicadas, singing birds, the noises of other animals in the undergrowth and rain drumming against leaves. (As for Fiffum's other app "Iseafish" most sounds can be turned on or off to suit user preference.)


- three different types of dart frog - blue, yellow and strawberry coloured;

- dart frogs fully animated - watch them hop, crawl, call and eat;

- touch the frogs to make them hop away;

- drag the frogs around the screen;

- listen and relax to the ambient sounds of the rainforest with rain and weather effects too;

What are poison dart frogs?

Poison dart frogs (sometimes called "poison arrow frogs") are found in rain forests and on tropical islands. They are very small - usually only a few cm long - but with stunning patterns of bright warning colours.

These creatures are beautiful but also deadly; though they resemble brightly coloured jewels, their skin secretes a dangerous poison and in reality they should not be touched.

In captivity, however, their skin may lose its toxicity and the more common varieties are kept as pets by animal lovers in vivariums (rather like an aquarium but without the water) all over the world.