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Simplify the many calculations necessary in determining various factors of your body health stats. This easy to use application helps to sort out the many factors (BMI, BMR, LBM, Body Fat%, Water Consumption, Body Shape, Body Measurements, weight, height, gender, activity level, etc.) into a quick and easy to understand Summary. Use as a tool in weight loss, gain, or maintenance for a healthier overall lifestyle.

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on your height and weight. This formulation is independent of gender. Typically this is applied only to adults, although there are calculations for children and teens available on the internet. BMI Calc (aka BMI Free Version) is an application that can easily be used to indicate your change in body mass, for example during weight loss. 

BMR is the calculation of the MINIMUM calories your body needs to maintain weight. This is a key number in weight loss or weight gain (anorexia/underweight) as it is the caloric measurement that needs to be increased or decreased according to needs. This is a great starting point for understanding what your body needs in daily caloric intake based on your activity level. Diets, whether to lose, gain or maintain weight have a basic pivot point where the calories taken in are more or less than what the body needs to function.

Body Fat% is a mixture of weight, age, gender and certain body part measurements. The resulting calculations depict the overall amount of your weight (in percentage and pounds) is attributed to fat. Body Fat% and Lean Body Mass are often very misunderstood points by non-trained persons in evaluating a healthy weight for an individual. Body fat percentage by measurement is actually a preferred method by many health and fitness professionals in monitoring weight loss. Most people think in measurements more than pounds. Do you buy clothes in sizes factored by your bodies dimensions or by your weight? Obviously, it is by size. Although when we lose weight, the number of pounds is encouraging... BUT the real satisfaction is dropping sizes in our clothing.

Water Consumption: Easily track your daily water consumption graphically for both required and recommended amounts. You might be VERY surprised to learn just how much water is recommended for our bodies to function well. Low humidity and exercise also add to the amount of water that your body needs.

Select from METRIC, US Imperial, UK Imperial, UK/Stone Measurements directly in app.

NOTE: This application uses standard industry formulas for determining your BMI, BMR and Body Fat%. It should in no way be used as a anything other than a guide based on averages. Under no circumstances should it be used in place of seeking medical advice and/or treatment.