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Pick Up Lines That Work

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***Finally the app for the number one selling pick up line book Pick Up Lines That Work is here.***

Do you ever hesitate to talk to a girl because you don't know what to say? Have you ever approached a girl only to have awkward silence after your lame pick up line?

Most pick up lines don't work because they are cheesy, too direct, and close-ended statements. The Pick Up Lines That Work app delivers lines that are funny, original, and open-ended questions that make it easy and fun for a girl to respond.

With fifteen categories to choose from, you are bound to find a pick up line that suits your situation perfectly.

These pick up lines will get you off to a thrilling and provocative conversation with the girl of your dreams. A "Tips" section is provided to help you get the digits (the girl's phone number) with proven concepts that will make it easy for you to impress and win the girl over.

This app was produced by comic and minor-league pick up artist Devon Wild as an extension of his best selling book Pick Up Lines That Work. In an interview with Devon Wild stated "This is exactly the type of thing I would have liked to have when I was a young buck on the scene. You have seen the success of openers and indirect pick up lines on the VH1 show 'The Pick Up Artist' but the problem is everybody has heard those openers and lines. You want to come across as original and with over 1500 lines, which you can easily tweak to your personality, being original will be easy with the Pick Up Lines That Work app."

Main Features:

* 15 categories of pick up lines to choose from including Anytime, Bar, Car, Classroom, Coffee Shop, Crazy-Stupid, Dance Club, Grocery Store, Gym, Internet, Mall, Party, Rude N' Crude, Video Store, and Walking.

* Over 1500 pick up lines included. More than 7x the lines of the average pick up line app! MORE LINES THAN ANY OTHER APP! Unique and original lines not available anywhere else!

* 14 Tips to help you get the girl's digits and use the app successfully. These tips were culminated from successful in the field experience with Devon Wild and other pick up artists Diesel and Frog Show.

* A button bar on the bottom including Reload (which takes you to the next pick up line), Worked (which saves the pick up line in the worked category), Favorite (which saves the line in the Favorite category), Shot Down (which saves the line in the Shot Down category), and Close (which returns the app to the main category page).

* 150 of the hottest models as backgrounds to the pick up lines. Models are in the actual category location which can help you visualize the moment when you will unleash the line in the future. Want to see the model unobstructed by the line? Just tap above the pick up line or shake the iPhone/iPod touch and the line will be removed. Oh Yeah! Touch the screen or shake the iPhone/iPod touch again and the pick up line returns. OH YEAH!

Most pick up line apps are for fun, Pick Up Lines That Work gets the job done!



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Note: The app will be updated quarterly to make sure your pick up game is fresh!