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The Secret Science Behind Miracles (Max Freedom Long)

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The Secret Science Behind Miracles
by Max Freedom Long

Max Freedom Long chronicled the spiritual powers of the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. Although not an ethnographic account of Hawaiian healing, Long's book is enfused by anecdotes and personal experiences in the islands of Hawaii.

Most New Thought proponents look to Western esoteric traditions, or possibly to second-hand Hindu or Buddhist concepts. Max Freedom Long, on the other hand, was fascinated with the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. While this is not, by far, an ethnographic account of Hawaiian healing, it is informed by anecdote and personal experience in the islands. Long spent many years in Hawaii, and besides several books on 'Huna' he also apparently wrote several mystery novels in that setting. This book, one of the first he wrote on the subject of Huna, is typical of the others, and if you like this, you'll probably like his other writings.

About the Author:
Max Freedom Long (b. 1890 d. 1971) was an American teacher and philosopher.

Max Freedom Long is the originator of the system he called Huna. He spent well over 30 years researching how na Kahuna achieve their success in healing, praying, and manifesting. In his quest, he worked closely with dozens of scientists, healers, and therapists from around the world to determine what actually works.

We have consolidated everything we could find by Max Freedom Long regarding what he figured out. In the Huna Bulletins you will find the newsletters he sent out every few weeks for decades. He also wrote many books and even recorded a few lectures. He taught a number of students and the lineage of those who remain are found in this lineage.