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1-800-GET-LIMO® National Limousine Network

1-800-GET-LIMO offers a convenient way to reach a high-quality limousine throughout the U.S. Simply call 1-800-GET-LIMO (800-438-5466) and enter the three-digit area code where you need sedan, SUV, or limousine service. You are connected directly to the 1-800-GET-LIMO network member for that area code.

Now, you can easily reach the local 1-800-GET-LIMO® network member using the 1-800-GET-LIMO Get Limo app for the iPhone. Quickly find a local 1-800-GET-LIMO® network member, then click to call for a reservation, or request a quote by email. Many of the 1-800-GET-LIMO® affiliates found in the Get Limo app provide expanded coverage zones, extending even into other states and countries, so contact the nearest one for a competitive quote even if they are not located in your city.

Limo Services

In addition to the convenience of an easy-to-remember number to reach local limousine services, the 1-800-GET-LIMO National Limousine Network also represents high-quality in service.

Chauffeured transportation companies in the 1-800-GET-LIMO network include many of the most prestigious companies in the industry. For example, many network members are managed by board members of the NLA, the premier trade organization of limousine companies, working for the advancement of the luxury chauffeured industry. Many 1-800-GET-LIMO® network members are recipients of prestigious “Operator of the Year” and other hard-sought excellence-in-service awards.

Get Limo App: How it Works

The 1-800-GET-LIMO Limo Network app uses your GPS coordinates to locate your position on a map, then shows you the nearest limo company on the 1-800-GET-LIMO® national network. You can also change locations by choosing a city and state. Click on the local chauffeured transportation company flag to see the company’s name and phone number. Click to call for a reservation, or click to receive a rate quote by email.

Although the 1-800-GET-LIMO® network is very extensive, the iPhone companion app is not intended to cover every city in the U.S. To manage usability, we limit the data in the mobile application. Try calling 1-800-GET-LIMO (800-438-5466) if the Limo Network database does not show a limo company that is close to you.


We intend to continue enhancing and developing the 1-800-GET-LIMO Get Limo app. Please send us your comments and suggestions.

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Legal Notice

© 2009 1-800-TAXICAB, INC, doing business as 1-800-GET-LIMO. 1-800-GET-LIMO, 1-800-TAXICAB, One Number Nationwide, and Just Cab It are registered trademarks of 1-800-TAXICAB, INC. All Rights Reserved. 1-800-TAXICAB, INC. dba 1-800-GET-LIMO disclaims any and all liability in connection with the services or actions of the independent transportation companies in its networks or referral service or referenced in its directories or applications including but not limited to this iPhone app.