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Japanese for Experts

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Do you know little, some or all of the Japanese language, and are hungry for more?

Whether you're a Japanese speaking hotshot or don't know the difference between gari and geisha, take your Japanese abilities one step further with the Japanese for Experts interactive language tutor, from the makers of Japanese for Beginners and Intermediate Japanese!

Master the beautiful but difficult Japanese language the fast and easy way with this awesome free language tutor! Our sexy audio guide teaches you how by reciting a number of essential Japanese phrases, helping you along the path to Japanese language proficiency. From warm greetings to useful questions to fun phrases for a night on the town getting sushi, this application has it all!

Some of the awesome things you will be able to do:

Impress that cute girl who sits behind you in Japanese class.
Engage in conversation with others over teppenyaki or shabu-shabu
Become popular with the local anime club.
Introduce yourself to the hot Japanese bartender in the club or game hall.
Know what they're REALLY saying in the latest Miyazaki film or Manga comic.
Be a top-notch salaryman by inviting your boss and co-workers out to the bar.
Find true love with a Japanese geisha.

So leave your Japanese dictionary in the desk. Forget about that crappy translation website that messes up even the simplest of phrases. All you do is shake and one of several Japanese phrases will appear on screen with an accompanying vocal cue. Shake, listen, recite, repeat. It's as easy as that. And with Japanese translations of phrases like “Long time no see” or “Let's go drink” available at your fingertips, you'd think you're standing in a bustling Japanese metropolis such as Tokyo or Osaka right now!

And best of all: it's entirely free!