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Eye Color

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Genetic eye color calculator
Pigmentation in the colored part of the eye, the iris, determines our eye color. Humans have phenotype variations in eye color, such as blue, brown, green along with others. The genetics of eye colors which are s determined by multiple genes. Genetic probabilities govern a descendant's eye color, depending on a lineage of many generations.

This application can calculate rather accurately the inheritance factors, and predict the eye colors of your children.

The algorithm running “under the hood” is based on scientific formulas such as the famous “Hardy–Weinberg principle”, in addition to others.

The algorithm was tested on a wide test-group with great accuracy (over 90%)

How to use:
Select your eye color, then your partner’s eye color.

Click multiple times on each eye icon to circulate between Brown, Green and Blue.

Add parents' data to improve the accuracy of the result.

The application is great for:

* Parents with newborns, as babies start out with gray eyes mostly

* Experimenting with the different possibilities

* Understanding genetics, as a learning tool

* Kids fascinated by genetics, as an educational tool

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