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The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

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The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
by Thomas Troward

This book contains the substance of a course of lectures recently given by the writer in the Queen Street Hail, Edinburgh. Its purpose is to indicate the Natural Principles governing the relation between Mental Action and Material Conditions, and thus to afford the student an intelligible starting-point for the practical study of the subject. T. T. March, 1904.

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) authored many books that are considered classics in the New Thought Movement, Mind Sciences, and Mystic Christianity. Influences on his writings include the teachings of Christ, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhism Teachings and more. Troward was the author of several successful books including: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science (1909) and The Dor Lectures on Mental Science (1909). His writings on what was then called "Mental Science" influenced early New Thought leaders and writers. His contributions to the development of the New Thought Movement, human potential research, and Religious Science remain valuable. Amongst his other works are The Creative Process in the Individual (1910), Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning (1913), The Law and the Word (1917) and The Hidden Power and Other Papers on Mental Science (1921).

Table of contents:
Title Page
I.—Spirit and Matter
II.—The Higher Mode of Intelligence Controls the Lower
III.—The Unity of the Spirit
IV.—Subjective and Objective Mind
V.—Further Considerations Regarding Subjective and Objective Mind
VI.—The Law of Growth
VIII.—Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds
IX.—Causes and Conditions
XII.—The Will
XIII.—In Touch With Subconscious Mind
XIV.—The Body
XV.—The Soul
XVI.—The Spirit