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iCommando is the ultimate and one of the most advanced and most entertaining shooting games currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The story takes place in the early 1980’s, and begins right after a group of terrorists have hijacked a USAF C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft, fully loaded with military equipment. The terrorists have landed somewhere in Nigeria, with the plan to sell the cargo to the local rebel group N.A.M.D.

Play as Major John McKenzie, one of the best snipers in the US Army Special Forces. You have been chosen to silently track the hijackers into Africa, and help prevent the delivery of the cargo to the Nigerian rebels, consequently saving many innocent lives. You are about to be dropped off in the Oshogbo region, near the Burkisashu Village – the only known N.A.M.D. camp location.

Follow the storyline playing Major John McKenzie, and take part in the action that begins in Nigeria with your first mission, in which you are being sent to gather information on the hijacked airplane at the rebel camp location.

Be aware of the great dangers that lie ahead, and be prepared to encounter the fiercest enemies. You have been chosen because you are the best; it is now the time to prove it!

As you complete assignments, new ones are being unlocked for you and the story continues...


• Captivating storyline
• 6 interconnected missions
• Mission briefs and story screens for all missions
• Daytime and nighttime missions
• Many different enemy types and area leaders
• Graphically enhanced descriptions of the combat areas, enemies and area leaders
• Realistic combat action
• Over 100 realistic weapons & combat sounds
• Exquisite game design
• Outstanding musical themes for the game screens
• Accelerometer powered aiming control
• Extremely usable in-game button controls
• 3 difficulty levels (easy/medium/hard)
• User guide
• Tips & Tricks

With the multitude of incredible features provided, iCommando takes the shooting/sniper games genre to another level on the iPhone and iPod touch.

We will continue to improve iCommando based on your feedback and comments. Please address your suggestions at

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The “iCommando” game, further referred to as “The Application”, is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

The entire storyline presented in “The Application” is fictional, and any resemblance to real facts is purely coincidental. By no means do we intend to offend any person or insinuate in any way that facts which are being presented by “The Application” might have ever occurred in reality, nor do we insinuate that similar facts have ever been connected with the countries and locations quoted by the storyline.

All of the organizations names mentioned in the storyline of “The Application” are fictional and are not connected in any way with the real world. Any resemblance with any real names is purely coincidental. We do not insinuate that similar organizations have ever existed in the areas covered by the storyline of “The Application”.

With full respect for the cultures, traditions and the people who live in the countries, regions and locations quoted by the storyline, in no way do we connect the reality with the imaginative approach that is being presented by “The Application”.