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Gurbani Anywhere

iPhone / iPad
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Gurbani Anywhere - A complete Gurbani Application in the palm of your hand
Only app on the iPhone that gives you access to this much Gurbani

User Comments:
★★★★★ "I bought iPod just for this app. It's the best app Eva!"
★★★★★ "We have used this amazing app. The work which has gone in to it may guru ji bless you.. Keep the hard work up Guru rahkwala"
★★★★★ "The only and only one reason I spent lot of money on iPhone is GA app I love it when I want to sing a shabad I can find it within a second and enjoy it weld one guys god bless u"

★★ Why do amazing Scholars such as Giani Pinderpal Singh and legendary Hazoori Ragi Bhai Balbir Singh use GurbaniAnywhere? ★★

★ Search scriptures ★
✓ Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
✓ Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji
✓ Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran
✓ Kosh (Complete Mahan Kosh + Additional Dictionaries)

★ Features include ★
✓ Auto search
✓ Multiple search methods
✓ Full Gurmukhi Keyboard
✓ Open Shabad, Ang, Vaar or Pauri
✓ English translation & transliteration support
✓ Navigate through Shabads, Angs, Vaar or Pauri
✓ Random Shabad
✓ Open Ang
✓ Nitnem
✓ Quicklist - To known Banis in scriptures
✓ View Information about any Shabad, Ang, Vaar or Pauri
✓ Favorites
✓ Auto scroll
✓ Display customization
✓ Take a snapshot
✓ GAN (Gurbani Anywhere Network) - Get updates on events around the globe. Why not submit your event & advertise to millions for FREE on the GAN!
17. RETINA display & Multitasking support

★ Facts ★
✓ The number #1 Gurbani App on the iPhone & iTouch
✓ The Highest rated Sikh app on the iPhone & iTouch
✓ The only Gurbani app that offers access to SGGS, SDGS, BGV & Kosh
✓ The only Gurbani app of its kind that offers all the above for FREE

We at Gurbani Anywhere are planning further growth by adding even more features & supporting many more platforms. Please help us keep this app FREE by making a small donation.