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Pocket Jukebox

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Entertainment
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**A demonstration movie is available now at MTD Project web site below. Check it first!

Pocket Jukebox is an application that you can enjoy your music library with a jukebox.

Just pick up any song in your music library, Pocket Jukebox select a record, set it on the turntable and your song stars after the arm of record player move.

You can select multiple songs , album and playlist with the same manner as you do on music player application. Then Pocket Jukebox play the songs with changing records one by one.
You can pause, go to next or previous song as well.

While the song is playing the illumination blinks. You can also dim the light and add mirror ball effect. Since the blinking speed of illumination is variable, you can set along with your song. Also you can add the noise on your song so you may enjoy listening old records.

If you get lost, just shake the device and the help window appears.

If you have any request, please feel free to leave a message on our web site.
However, because we can't access the music library of the device directly, getting the information like the sound frequency or volume of the music are impossible. So blinking the illumination along with the music is one of the things that we can't do.

Here are some features:

1. The player changes the record song by song. This can be skipped by user preferences

2. The illumination blinks with eight colors. Since four illumination tubes are selectable from brand new to very old, you can experience different ambience

3. You can add the noise on your song. Enjoy with some old songs

4. You can dim the light. Enjoy with some moody songs

5. Mirror ball effect, small light spots flowing over the jukebox, available

6. You can notice the playing time of your song by the record player arm, or the marker under the jukebox window

7. Album artwork is shown in the jukebox window by touching on the records or player

8. Coin Mode, which is to insert a coin before selecting song, is added (Ver.1.31)