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5 Elements Feng Shui Compass

iPhone / iPad
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For 3GS iPhones only.

Call upon the laws of Heaven and Earth to channel positive chi into your home and improve your life.

In China, the Feng Shui compass is also known as Luo-Pan, which translates roughly into "a bowl containing all of the mysteries of the universe."

The 5 Elements Feng Shui Compass helps you align any location with the forces of yin and yang. Simply call up the application and press the "info" button to find advice on finding the "sitting" or "facing" direction of your dwelling (often where your main door is).

Next, take several reading to determine your facing direction.

Finally, use the readings to determine the "Bagua" or energy map of your home.

Your Bagua will help you determine the floor plan of your home to avoid negative energy and bring in positive energy. Although this may sound complicated, the basics are quite simple and the uninitiated will find a variety of online resources to assist them.

Who knows? Learning a few simple rules and utilizing the 5 Elements Feng Shui Compass might just change your life.

For iPhone 3GS and above only.