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Animated Rope Knots

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49 Essential Rope Knots = the best rope knot value in the store.

Animations are a great way to learn to tie knots. The Animated Rope Knots App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of the rope knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot and a text description of the knot’s use.

The 49 carefully selected essential rope knots include: 26 Hitches (tie a rope to an object), 14 Bends (connect two ropes), and 9 Loop Knots:

Knots for tying rope to an object (Hitches):
• Anchor Bend
• Blake's Hitch
• Buntline Hitch
• Cleat Hitch
• Clove Hitch
• Constrictor Knot
• Cow Hitch
• Distal Hitch
• Girth Hitch
• Half Hitch
• Klemheist
• Marl
• Mooring Hitch
• Munter Hitch
• Pile Hitch
• Prusik Knot
• Rolling Bend
• Rolling Hitch
• Schwabisch Hitch
• Slip Knot
• Slipped Buntline
• Tautline Hitch
• Tautline tied to Rope
• Timber Hitch
• Transom Knot
• Trucker’s Hitch
• Valdotain Tresse

Knots for tying two ropes together (Bends):
• Backup Knot
• Better Bow Knot
• Carrick Bend
• Common Whipping
• Double Fisherman’s
• Double Overhand Stopper
• Heaving Line Knot
• Monkey's Fist
• Sheep Shank
• Sheet Bend (doubled version too)
• Square Knot
• Stopper Knot
• Water Knot
• Zeppelin Bend

Knots for tying loops in rope (Loops):
• Bowline
• Bowline on a Bight
• Butterfly Knot
• Figure Eight
• Honda Knot
• Running Bowline
• Slippery Eight Loop
• Yosemite Bowline

- 49 essential rope knots
- Knots are listed and searchable alphabetically by name or by category and use.
- Pause, and play the video with controls
- Info page shows completed knot and gives information about the knot and its use.

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