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“Wordigo is a great choice to round out any puzzler’s collection… Wordigo is a super challenging word builder with a high level of replayability… Overall, we enjoyed the gameplay experience as it feels like a good fit for the iPhone OS. Wordigo gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating" - From review

“Wordigo is the most challenging word game that I have ever come across. Wordigo is a word game that can really make the little hamster in one's brain run the wheel to the point of creating smoke.” - Keri Honea Dallas iPhone Games Examiner

"This is the best new board word game that I have seen in years." - John McCallion, GAMES Magazine (from the 2004 GAMES 100 Buyers Guide).

Challenge yourself to a crossword-style word game like no other.

Wordigo’s quick pace – only 7 minutes a game – keeps you on your toes as you race to complete all the paths AND achieve a high score before time runs out. Or, turn the timer off and make completing all the paths on one of the 8 boards the challenge.

Winner of numerous awards, including a GAMES Magazine top 100 for the board game version, the apps version takes Wordigo to a whole new dynamic level of play.
You’ll never view vowels the same way again as the uniquely marked vowels with arrows and multipliers, provides a refreshing new tactic for word game lovers. Strive for high scores by strategically placing the vowel tiles adjacent to consonants – see screen shots below.

For an easier challenge, start on Board 1 or 2. When you are ready for a bigger challenge, move on to one of the other six boards with either more paths, longer paths or more complex connections.


Choose one of the 8 playing boards. The letter rack will fill with eight letter tiles and the 7 minute timer will begin.
Begin by forming a word at Path 1.
Once you complete your word, press SUBMIT for validation, and go on to Path 2.
Continue on, completing the paths in order, working your way to the final path before time runs out.
Complete all the paths and receive 20 – 60 bonus points, depending on the board.

At a loss to make a word? Tiles may be discarded at will. But beware…discard too many tiles and there will not be enough letters remaining to complete the board.


Compete every day against others online to be one of the Top Ten scorers of the Daily Puzzle at For the Daily Puzzle, everyone plays on the same board and receives the same letter tiles in the same order for every game. There is no limit to the number of times a person can play. Use the advantage of knowing the order of the tiles to build strategy and improve your score, striving to be one of the top ten scorers for the day.