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Thundergod - Naturespace Thunderstorm Lightning and Rain Storm Sounds to help you sleep meditate and relax

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Audio quality. That is what separates Thundergod from all the others. While many have tried to imitate and re-create our work, none have achieved the sonic supremacy of the Naturespace thunderstorm series Thundergod. The experience under headphones is unmatched. Our unique 3D recording techniques not only re-create the sound of the storms, but also the detailed spatial characteristics of their unique environments. Follow the trajectories of hundreds of individual rumbles and strikes above you. Feel the rain on the leaves and in the water as wind pushes through the trees. Get lost aboard a giant wooden vessel as she navigates the squall. Thundergod faithfully re-creates the variety of storms that have been witnessed through all of history, striking fear and awe into the heart of mankind across the ages.

Completely re-mastered, these storms are now much longer and stronger, and are accompanied by a beautiful new UI with synchronized, full-screen lightning flashes. Thundergod puts the combined power of 6 years of storm recordings in your pocket.

Unlike music, which can be distracting, listening to our storms while working or relaxing gives your mind the space to think and focus by immersing you into amazingly real 3D spaces with intricate and detailed storms that are so long that they never feel repetitive. Six storms, ordered by degree of intensity: the combative and aggressive Thor, the all-night rumbler Odin, the adventurous and fascinating journey of Aegir, and the magical and mystical forest of Loki, as well as two rain-only tracks that are perfect for a sleeping ambience, Thundergod contains a album's worth of audio but actually feels much longer due to the seamless and infinite looping that Naturespace is known for. Providing both entertainment and function, Thundergod is the Swiss army knife of thunderstorm apps. It's the one you will keep coming back to because in the end, it's all about the audio quality.