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GAriGrid Blackjack

iPhone / iPad
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* Blackjack, also known as "21", is a card game played against the dealer. To win, you must get a higher card count than dealer, without exceeding 21 points. Aces count either 1 or 11, cards 2-9 count as their card number whilst cards 10, jack, queen and king cards count as 10.

* If you and dealer both have equal card counts, it is a tie, also known as a "Push". If your hand is an ace with a ten, jack, queen or king, called Blackjack, you win unless dealer also has Blackjack, which is a push.

* If you win with a Blackjack, you receive 50% more than your bet, 3-to-2 odds.

* You may switch back and forth at any time between these instructions and the game by pressing "Return" when you are in the instructions and by pressing "Menu" when you are playing Blackjack.

* Press the "+" arrow to place your bet of up to $200. You start with $1,250 in chips.

* Press "Deal". You and dealer will be dealt two cards each.

* Press any of the three blue buttons:
"Hit" to be dealt another card,
"Stand" to keep your current hand,
"Double" to double your bet before being dealt only one additional card.

* When dealer has an Ace face up, you may make an insurance bet that dealer has Blackjack. Your bet is for one half the amount of your original bet at 2-to-1 odds.

* Dealer always takes a hit with 16 or lower and always stands with 17 or higher.

* If you win, your Chip Count increases by the amount you bet, unless you win with a Blackjack which pays 3-to-2. You may bet the same amount on the next hand, or increase or decrease that amount, then press "Deal".

* If you lose, your Chip Count decreases and you must place a new bet, then press "Rebet".

* Press "New Game" to start again with $1,250 in chips.

Note: Due to screen size, you cannot split and you cannot surrender.