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This Bible Gizmo App has two basic features: it allows the user to view bible text, and it helps the user to remember bible memory verses.
1) The List-View basically shows the list of verses to remember. Each cell displays the topic, the verse, the text and the testing information. The user can delete or add verses from this view.
2) The Study-View has some unique features: a) All the verses can be studied in the order of least remembered to the best remembered verses; b) In the text-to-verse view, the selection of book and chapter from the picker is eased by the fact that the 66+ books of the bible are grouped. For example the first five books of the New Testament are grouped as New Testament History book. c) In the verse-to-text view, each word of the text is displayed as a button in alphabetically order. In case where the text is long, only long words are required to be entered via pressing the displayed word button, the short words are auto-filled. This will limit the number of click to 15 or less.
3) The Test-View has all the features of the Study-View plus the following features: a) An adaptive test system is used where if a particular verse is remembered well, it is asked less often; and if a verse is not remembered, it is asked more often. In this way, the user won’t be clogged down by tests of material that is already well remembered. The duration between testing of a particular item is based on the natural number series. The time duration until the next test is based on Fibonacci number series, which starts with the two numbers 0, 1 and the next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. I.e. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55…. So if you answer correctly one time, the duration will be set to 1 day; if you answer correctly 4 times in a row, the duration will be 3 days; if you answer correctly 9 times, the duration will be 34 days. The Fibonacci number series describes lots of natural phenomena and therefore will be helpful for building long-term memory; b) Only the verses that are scheduled for today or earlier will be asked.
4) The Bible-View has the Non-Copyrights King James Version and World English Bible version of the bible. The user can select the book and chapter to view via a user-friendly grouped picker, go to the previous or next chapter by the horizontal swipe gesture, scroll through the verses by the up or down swipe gesture, and change the font size the by the pinch gesture.