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Math Graphing Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Graph and interact with your Math formulas! Full version "MATH GRAPHING" cited among the 10 Best Graphing Apps for iPhone! (

Check out the full version "MATH GRAPHING" to get extra features: creation of a list of favorite expressions, photo-album and email export capabilities, access to multiple interactive sliders, trace mode!

"MATH GRAPHING LITE" is a unique 1D graphing calculator to graph mathematical expressions of arbitrary complexity. "MATH GRAPHING LITE" can help students improve their math skills by developing some visual intuition of mathematical expressions or advanced users who need some scientific capabilities only available with desktop software like Matlab or Mathematica.


# Gabor function
x = 0:1:100
sigma = 1:50; freq = 0:0.1; phase = 0:180
u = cos(2*pi*(x-50)*freq+phase*pi/180)
v = e^(-((x-50)^2)/(2*sigma^2))
y = u*v
plot(u,'lr'); plot(v,'lg'); plot(y,'lw')

Here are tips to get you started:

1) To modify the formula, simply touch its mathematical expression to edit it: both standard and custom keyboards are available to provide maximum flexibility. If a syntax error occurs, the background turns red and back to white once the syntax has been corrected.

2) To visualize the modified formula, press the "Update" button. If an error occurred during the expression evaluation, an alert explains the problem and proposes to return to the editing mode.

3) Use standard touch gestures to manipulate the graph: pinch to zoom, drag to move the graph, shake to scale the graphs to the y-axis. Rotate the device to switch between portrait and landscape modes.

4) Double-tap the graph to access the interactive slider and modify the parameter value. Tap once to return to the gesture mode.

5) Press the "info" button in the main panel to access the Settings and Help sections: Settings allow the customization of the default graphing properties and the selection of the expression to be used as default. The Help section provides a description of all available mathematical operators and functions.

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