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Do you want to listen to your iPod but can't because you need to hear what's going on in your office? Do find yourself constantly adjusting the volume when you're in your car, walking about, or just out for a morning jog?

Well you'll never have to touch that volume button again… with Volumatic! Volumatic automatically adjusts the volume in your headphones by constantly measuring noise from your microphone. It supports two main modes:

- AUTOMATIC VOLUME CONTROL: Automatically raise and lower player volume relative to the background noise level.
- OFFICE MODE: Instantly mute playback volume when a loud noise is heard with Office Mode.

Never again will you have to worry about missing that important call because you didn't hear your phone ringing because your music was playing too loud. Enjoy listening to your favorite Audiobook, Podcast, or musical playlist as you go about your daily activities while the volume adapts to the sounds around you!

With fully customizable settings, you can fine-tune your listening experience for volume control sensitivity, office mode sensitivity, and trigger time when office mode triggers your audio to mute. These two modes can be used separately or together according to your listening needs.




Note that this application requires OS 3.1 or above, since it requires access to your music library and the ability to monitor your microphone at the same time.

NOTE: You will need to be wearing your headphones with integrated microphone to enjoy this product.


So... plug in, put on your favorite song, and never touch that volume switch again!