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KLMaps 合众地图

iPhone / iPad
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★KLMaps can save your roaming fee or GPRS fee.

●KLMaps can work as offline maps. When you have the Internet connection (ex. Wi-Fi), you can use the "preview" mode to auto preview the map area. Google maps will make a cache for you. So, when you lost Internet connection, you can still view the maps from cache.
Important! Do not use Google maps or this application with Internet connection after you have previewed. Because Google maps may clear the cache.

●This application can also help you to locate the real location in China.
For some reason, it's hard to locate the real location in China. Using this application you can autocorrect location, correct the location manually, download the correction data uploaded by other users, or upload your correction data to the server.
Auto: Autocorrect by using the data uploaded by other users.
Manual: Correct the error manually.
None: No correction.

●For other detail, please visit KLMaps web site:

●Free download and free use.
We are keep working on KLMaps. If you want to support the author. Or, you don't want to see the advertisement. You can pay with “In App purchases”. It’s only $0.99. After your payment, the advertisement will be removed and you can preview a larger area of map.


●合众地图可以作为离线地图使用。当有网络连接时(如:Wi-Fi),可以使用“预览”模式自动预览所需地图范围,Google maps会自动缓存地图。预览后即使没有网络也可以查看缓存中的地图。
重要!当你预览之后请不要再次在有网络连接时使用Google maps或是本软件,Google maps 有可能会自动清除你预览时生成的缓存。